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Trans-lit Film

Surely, you get your gaze stolen by the Backlit Trans- lit displays inside big malls or metro stations. These beautiful displays make use of the light source from behind to make the graphic shine, provided by the suppliers of trans-lit films in Bangalore, and look attractive. The trans-lit displays are perfect to be used for indoors as well as outdoor advertisements. However, they surely become vibrant during nights when used outdoors.

So, if you need high-quality printed trans-lit film, we at Prismhue, the suppliers of trans-lit films in Bangalore, are happy to help you. We get the entire special tool at our disposal to print on the material with ink that illuminates after the printing. Moreover, our experts understand your expectation. Therefore, at Prismhue, we provide the customer with a print that does not look dull or gets easily washed when put on display.